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Nuprl Section: EditorDoc - Editor Documentation
Editor Documentation from the nuprl_sfa interface to Nuprl (Nuprl4 now, Nuprl5 later)

These are simply projections of the online documents from the nuprl_sfa interface to Nuprl4. Nuprl object pointers have been converted to html links, and edit commands notations have been converted to html links pointing to command documentation. See Notable Features of this Interface.

These documents were intended to be read from within Nuprl as part of its interactive documentation, and some don't project that well into html. Proofs embedded in text documents are not rendered readably. Further, there are many buttons embedded in these pages, especially in the utility menus, and they will, of course, be meaningless outside the system.

The keyboard (and mouse) bindings are user specifiable, and these bindings, rather than binding-independent names, appear within the documentation. When the user changes keyboard bindings, the interactive documentation changes to reflect this. Thus the bindings chosen for this web-projection are not built in.

The pages collected here were gotten from the starting point How to Use this Interface by closing under reference to "explanatory documents", and utility menus.

By no means are all the keyboard commands used here necessary, but they provide another entry to kinds of operations users may find useful in working with Nuprl's artifacts. There is need for a somewhat simplifed version of the interface with a reduced command set and with some of the subtler capabilities deactivated.

There are also printable, cross indexed, versions of the Main Editor Documents (circa 80pp) (postscript) and All Keyboard Commands (circa. 25pp) (postscript).

(Oct 2001 - sfa)
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