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The Main Page of a Section

Each Section (e.g. NuprlPrimitives, rel 1 ) has a main page which contains the section name and perhaps a brief description; it may contain a partial listing of the library objects of that section, and may also contain either some introductory text for the section or a pointer thereto, indicated by "Introduction". If the introductory text is adequate, then the listing of objects will be small or even absent.

It is recommended that the "Introduction" link be followed, if it exists, rather than relying on the partial listing of section objects.

In addition to the usual links in the right hand corners, a link "Origin" to a remark on the creation of the section, and a link "Sections" to a list of prior sections may be included. The "Definitions" link leads to a list of all the definitions given in the section or mentioned by its theorems and definitions, recursively.

Links to the main page of a section are indicated by the section's name.

NuprlLib Doc