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PRL Project

New Nuprl Editor

by Stuart F. Allen


This week the Nuprl project will release a term editor significantly different from the one in current use. This week the Nuprl project will beta-release an alternative term editor significantly different from the the current standard Nuprl editor.

Some features:

  • Flexible structure editor.
  • Elision and zooming is exploited.
  • Structured syntax for ML.
  • In-place evaluation of ML expressions (if expression has free vars, type is shown).
  • A Variety of mouse activated "buttons" are supported.
  • Support for inter-object references.
  • Utilities for defining operators and methods of display.
  • Name completion for ML identifiers and Library object names.
  • Utility for reviewing and rebinding edit commands (on-line documentation automatically uses current command bindings).
  • Various help-utilities, including "gleaners", which collect bits of documentation distributed around the system.

A main goal is to relieve the user of remembering many kinds of detail, such as names, specific syntax, and easily overlooked steps in manual procedures.

Stuart Allen will describe and demonstrate it.