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Presenting Semantics for a Fragment of the Java Programming Language in Nuprl Proof Development System

by Pavel Naumov

In this my third talk at Nuprl Seminar on Java Formal Semantics I will give an introduction to my work that does not require knowledge of Nuprl. The two main results of this work are: a formal semantics for a Java language developed in Nuprl; and a new mathematical Theory of Reference Objects on which this semantics is based.

In my talk I will describe the fragment of the Java for which I gave formal semantics, discuss the kind of semantics I was looking for, explain intuition behind the Theory of Reference Objects, present some of its inference rules, and sketch a consistency proof for this theory. I also will mention application of the formal semantics to verification of small Java programs and the method for publishing Nuprl formal proofs on the Web that I have developed.