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PRL Project

Intuitionistic Ancestral Logic

by Liron Cohen, Robert L. Constable

  • Published in the Journal of Logic and Computation: exv073v1-exv073, Oct 10, 2015.
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In this paper we define pure intuitionistic Ancestral Logic (iAL), extending pure intuitionistic First-Order Logic (iFOL). This logic is a dependently typed abstract programming language with computational functionality beyond iFOL given by its realizer for the transitive closure, TC. We derive this operator from the natural type theoretic definition of TC using intersection. We show that provable formulas in iAL are uniformly realizable, thus iAL is sound with respect to constructive type theory. We further show that iAL subsumes Kleene Algebras with tests and thus serves as a natural programming logic for proving properties of program schemes. We also extract schemes from proofs that iAL specifications are solvable.