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Publication Implementing Reflection in Nuprl | cite »
by Eli Barzilay

Publication MetaPRL -- A Modular Logical Environment | cite »
by Jason Hickey, Aleksey Nogin, Robert L. Constable, Brian Aydemir, Eli Barzilay, Lori Lorigo

Publication Practical Reflection in Nuprl | cite »
by Eli Barzilay, Stuart F. Allen, Robert L. Constable

Publication Reflecting Higher-Order Abstract Syntax in Nuprl | cite »
by Eli Barzilay, Stuart F. Allen

Publication Quotation and Reflection in Nuprl and Scheme | cite »
by Eli Barzilay

Seminar Reflection in First-Order Logic
by Eli Barzilay
February 12, 2001

Seminar Latest results about reflection (TENTATIVE)
by Eli Barzilay
November 20, 2000

Seminar Reflection Part II
by Eli Barzilay
April 03, 2000

Seminar Analysis of reflection in programming languages using Scheme as the main example
by Eli Barzilay
March 06, 2000

Seminar Practical Uses of Quotations, Macros and Reflection
by Eli Barzilay
April 05, 1999