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Publication Search Algorithms in Type Theory | cite »
by James L. Caldwell, Ian Gent, Judith Underwood

Publication Metalogical Frameworks II: Developing a Reflected Decision Procedure | cite »
by William Aitken, Robert L. Constable, Judith Underwood

Publication Classical Tools for Constructive Proof Search | cite »
by James L. Caldwell, Judith Underwood

Publication Aspects of the Computational Content of Proofs | cite »
by Judith Underwood

Seminar A Constructive Completeness Proof for Intuitionistic Predicate Calculus
by Judith Underwood
February 01, 1994

Publication The Tableau Algorithm for Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus as a Constructive Completeness Proof | cite »
by Judith Underwood

Seminar Extraction
by Judith Underwood
March 16, 1993

Publication A Constructive Completeness Proof for the Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus | cite »
by Judith Underwood