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PhD theses from the project are accessible at the NCSTRL web site.

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Seminar Lambda Calculus as Basis for Programming Language Design
by Robert W. Harper

Seminar The Lambda Calculus as a Basis for Language Design
by Robert W. Harper

Publication Implementing Mathematics with the Nuprl Development System | cite »
by Robert L. Constable, Stuart F. Allen, H. M. Bromley, Walter Rance Cleaveland, J. F. Cremer, Robert W. Harper, Douglas J. Howe, Todd B. Knoblock, Nax P. Mendler, Prakash Panangaden, James T. Sasaki, Scott F. Smith

Publication Aspects of the Implementation of Type Theory | cite »
by Robert W. Harper

Seminar Equality
by Robert W. Harper

Seminar Type Inference
by Robert W. Harper