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Publication Metamathematical Extensibility in Type Theory | cite »
by Todd B. Knoblock

Seminar Metamathematics of Reflection
by Todd B. Knoblock
April 22, 1987

Publication Formalized Metareasoning in Type Theory | cite »
by Todd B. Knoblock, Robert L. Constable

Publication Implementing Mathematics with the Nuprl Development System | cite »
by Robert L. Constable, Stuart F. Allen, H. M. Bromley, Walter Rance Cleaveland, J. F. Cremer, Robert W. Harper, Douglas J. Howe, Todd B. Knoblock, Nax P. Mendler, Prakash Panangaden, James T. Sasaki, Scott F. Smith

Seminar Reflective PRL
by Todd B. Knoblock

Publication Writing Programs That Construct Proofs | cite »
by Robert L. Constable, Todd B. Knoblock, Joseph L. Bates